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HE Gabriel Șopandă: Let’s increase energy production to give a boost to economic activities

15 November 2022

The energy companies in Romania and Hungary should look for closer collaboration solutions, especially in light of the new geopolitical and economic conditions, declared HE Gabriel Șopandă, Romania’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Budapest.

“Recent conditions require a greater approach of companies from Romania and Hungary in terms of exchanging experience and finding opportunities for cooperation. High energy prices worry us because of the impact they have on the economy and public confidence,” said Șopandă, at the conference “Regional approach Budapest: Cooperation” organised by Energynomics.

He added that Romania has a very good energy mix and that renewable energies, nuclear energy and natural gas represent the “backbone” of Romania’s energy transition. On the other hand, Romania committed to the EU to gradually eliminate coal from the national energy mix by 2032 and replace it with “more sustainable resources”.

“Natural gas will remain a clean source of energy used temporarily in this transition,” added the ambassador.

Romania believes that the energy transition generated by the Green Deal must be approached multi-dimensionally and must be adapted to local needs and conditions. In fact, Romania has proposed that by 2030 it will add newly installed capacities totaling 6.9 GW of renewable energy.

“We believe that a multi-dimensional view of the Green Deal is needed, which must be adapted to the needs of various regions and must promote economic competitiveness. We want to increase energy production to give a boost to domestic economic activities and to capitalize on the potential of onshore and offshore gas reserves”, stated Șopandă.

He mentioned that Romania, along with the neighboring states, is involved in several initiatives and projects aimed at bringing more natural gas and LNG to the region, and the BRUA corridor has crucial importance in these efforts. Other possible collaborations of Romania with neighboring states, including Hungary, also aim at hydrogen transport and production projects.

The conference “Regional Approach Budapest – Cooperation” is organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: ABB România, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, Volt.

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