Germany: E.ON will install about 2.5 million smart meters by 2030


Achieving climate protection goals is conditioned by the reconfiguration and redesign of energy systems, and this can also be achieved through the consistent digitalization of networks and additional innovations. To this end, over the next three years, E.ON plans to invest 6.6 billion euro in its German distribution networks alone. Also, in the next ten years, E.ON intends to install in Germany about 2.5 million smart meters.

In Romania, about 320,000 smart meters have been installed in recent years, and for the period 2019-2028 the target is to install another about 397,000 meters, the value of investments being about 127.3 million lei. As a result, at the end of 2028, over 700,000 customers, representing 45% of the company’s total customers in Romania, will have smart meters installed. The most recent project was launched in August 2020 in Iasi and aims at smart metering of over 10,000 electricity consumers.

“We are pushing for the installation of smart metering systems because the digitalization and smart control of electricity networks is a fundamental pillar of tomorrow’s energy world. Here at E.ON, we are convinced that the intelligent metering system will play a key role in the energy transition. It is not enough to develop wind energy, sell electric vehicles or equip roofs with solar panels. We need to be able to measure and control the grid locally in real time so that we can make the best use of environmentally friendly energy,” said Malte Sunderkötter, CEO of E.ON, e.kundenservice Netz.


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