G. Dumitraşcu: Nicușor Dan did not present a feasibility study for the acquisition of ELCEN


Nicușor Dan “announced, as a savior, that the Capital City Hall will buy ELCEN, but did not present us a feasibility or opportunity study, data and figures to convince us that the purchase is advantageous,” considers energy expert Gabriel Dumitrașcu, quoted by financialintelligence.ro.

“The new Bucharest cannot be made with dusty projects and unargued solutions. Regarding the proposed solutions for solving the priority problems, they are still being studied, commissions are still being made, they are still being discussed. Nicușor was in the same phase a year ago. The difference is that he is now Mayor General and must deliver timely solutions and good administration of public interests.

”If we touched on the subject of public interest, Nicusor treats it the same as Firea. Nicușor, as a savior, announces that he has decided that PMB will buy ELCEN. Beyond the fact that he does not decide, he did not present us with a feasibility or opportunity study, data and figures to convince us that the acquisition is advantageous,” wrote Dumitrașcu, on his social networking page.

“Like Oprescu or Firea, he went on the false solution of an acquisition, alleged savior of the district heating system. It’s wrong! He offered only one argument: to align the price of the GC produced by ELCEN with the PMB’s ability to pay. Wrong! The price of the GC is set by ANRE, regardless of whether ELCEN is at the Ministry of Energy, at PMB, or owned by a private investor. The set price takes into account the justified technical-economic performance, the ability to generate new investments, whilst the profit margin is limited and regulated,” he added.


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