Frank Hajdinjak leaves the helm of E.ON Romania, bring replaced by Manfred Paasch from October


The general director of E.ON Romania, Frank Hajdinjak, will leave Romania starting October 1st, sources in the market told He will be replaced by Manfred Paasch, former CFO of a distribution subsidiary of E.ON (E.DIS), a manager with a strong international experience within the group. The information was confirmed Thursday by the company’s press office.

From the same date, Cătălin Iordache, currently managing director of the trading company AXPO Romania, will take over as chairman of the Board of Directors of E.ON Energie Romania, replacing Dan Morari, who has decided to leave the E.ON group.

Hajdinjak, in Romania for over 15 years, fluent in the Romanian language, is part of the elite of the directors of local energy companies, being one of the most important “voices” of the industry.

“Coming to Romania was the best decision of my career so far. It has been 15 years of challenges, in which we managed, together with our Romanian colleagues, to transform the former state-owned companies into competitive, customer-oriented companies, prepared for the new energy world. I could say after so many years spent in Romania that I am largely Romanian, and E.ON Romania is my soulmate. I found a lot of professionals here and it was a pleasure to work with them, to have good results in a difficult market, constantly changing. I thank everyone for the support they have given me, I would not have succeeded without them. Now is the time for new challenges for me. I wish success to the new CEO, “said Frank Hajdinjak, quoted in the E.ON press release.

Frank Hajdinjak came to Romania in 2004 and was part of the team responsible for taking over the natural gas supply and distribution company, Distrigaz Nord. Starting with 2008, he was named CEO of E.ON Romania; during this period the E.ON supply and distribution companies became the first integrated companies of natural gas and electricity in Romania.


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  1. Finally! Intr-un fel sau altul trebuia sa se termine cu sotiile, rudele si cumetriile etc. si cu gasca de la Mures. Pe cand ii urmeaza si ceilalti neaveniti si impostori de genul Claudia Griech cu prietenul ei intim George Precup? Cum naiba se poate ca intr-o companie multinationala cu pretentii, CCO-ul sa fie licentiat in limbi straine si sa nu aiba niciun studiu in orice domeniu comercial si sa fie recomandat doar de faptul ca a fost casatorita cu un prieten si coleg de al lui Frank, iar directorul de dezvoltare sa fie un fost translator (recte nevasta lui Frank) Oare ce companie in care actionar e statutul roman mai are masini de servici de tip Porsche si Mercedes cabrio? Nici macar parlamentarii nostri minunati nu-si permit asa ceva

  2. Era si timpul! Trebuia sa se termine cu rubedeniiile, prietenii si amantlacurile si in special cu gasca de la Mures… Sa speram ca se termina cu sfertodoctii si impostorii gen Claudia Griech si prietenul ei intim George Precup. Este prima multinationala din Romania in care CCO-ul, recte Claudia Griech, are doar meritul ca a fost nevasta unui prieten de al lui Frank, in rest neavand niciun studiu in domeniu, doar limbi straine…iar directorul de dezvoltare/inovatie este fosta traducatoare a lui Frank si actuala nevasta…
    E prima companie in care este actionar statul roman iar managerii au masini de servici Porsche (911 etc.) si Mercedes cabrio. Nici parlamentarii nostrii nu au fost in state de asemenea arogante…

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