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Executive of the year – 2019 energynomics Awards nominations

29 November 2019
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We continue to present the 2019 nominations for the Awards, with the Executive of the year category. Only one of the managers who entered the competition will be rewarded during the Gala from December 4th, but each of them deserve our respect and the widest promotion. We thank all the companies and personalities involved in this effort to draw the image of the Romanian energy industry in 2019 through its achievements!

Adrian Volintiru – Romgaz

For the Memorandum concluded with SOCAR, the state-owned oil company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in order to cooperate in O&G Upstream (exploration and production) projects. This is just another one of the actions aimed at developing projects of common interest at international level, as is also the involvement in the LNG project in Alexandropoulos.

Cooperation with a partner such as SOCAR represents an excellent opportunity to develop projects of common interest between the two countries, the latest technology and expertise will be able to generate significant discoveries in the border basins, especially those in the little explored offshore border basins. SOCAR is a state-owned energy company operating on a global scale. The company performs many functions, of which an important part is the exploration of the fields of gas and oil, the production, processing and transport of oil, gas and condensate. Also, SOCAR sells petroleum and petrochemical products both in the country and on international markets. The vision of the company is to become a vertically integrated international energy company with advanced experience in operational efficiency, social responsibility and environment.

Cosmin Ghiță – Nuclearelectrica

For the managerial performance materialized in a considerable number of operational and financial indicators, as well as for the international recognition of SNN. SNN through Cernavodă NPP was internationally ranked with nuclear excellence, for the second time, consecutively, at the end of 2018, following the independent evaluation carried out by foreign experts. SNN shares registered new highs in 2019, up to 14 lei / share, in November. Net profit for the first half of 2019 increased by 59.4% compared to the result for the first half of 2018, at 290 million lei.

In terms of training and retention of highly qualified personnel, in 2017 SNN had a retention rate of 91%; currently it is 94%.

Cosmin Ghita, the General Manager of SN Nuclearelectrica SA, has been appointed Governor in the Board of Governors of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Center (WANO) in Atlanta.

Petre Stroe – MET România Energy

For the development of the company’s portfolio with a strategic objective of a vertically integrated company – production and supply. Petre Stroe professionally managed the integration of the two acquisitions made by MET Romania Energy in previous years. This, together with the current activity, led the company in the first 3 positions among the major electricity suppliers in Romania.

Through the acquisition and integration of RWEE, MET Romania Energy has achieved a critical mass of 5,000 consumption places, at which a new generation capacity of about 60 MW can be integrated, the plant using natural gas, as well as 100 MW installed capacity from wind power plants.

At the same time, the company brand was created which reflects the strategy and targets mentioned.

Sabin Posea – Eximprod

For an efficient management, adapted to the rapid evolution of the energy market, maintaining a profitable company, in a business environment marked by continuous changes. Sabin Posea is the general manager of Eximprod Group for 2 years, but he is part of the management team for 14 years. He was the first employee of the SCADA department, which started with 5 employees, subsequently developing a business that became a company, part of the Eximprod group, with over 100 experienced and dedicated employees for the innovation and development of the latest generation software.

Through the CISCO partnership, he has developed a new generation of SCADA systems for the automation of electricity distribution, launching ES200, a virtual RTU that allows the acquisition, storage and analysis of data from the operational environment in order to understand the network phenomena and make the best decisions in the interest of customers’ and of the company’s. The ES200 enjoys the appreciation of customers in Europe and America, with prospects for obtaining an important market share internationally.

Victor Ionescu – OPCOM

For coordinating the activity of organizing and managing the electricity and natural gas markets, the OPCOM projects and development directions in the context of the integration steps in the single European energy market on the day ahead and the intraday electricity markets.

Among the relevant elements there are the management of the activities of organizing the electricity and natural gas markets, the involvement of OPCOM in the development of a central counterparty in Romania, as a viable solution for guaranteeing, clearing and settling the transactions on time, including derivative financial instruments, as well as the supervising the development projects towards integration in the European single market.

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