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Energy price rises sharply after the shutdown of Unit 2 in Cernavoda

10 May 2021

Bogdan Tudorache

The average price of electricity on the spot market of the OPCOM stock exchange increased by almost a third compared to the previous days, reaching values of 355 lei/MWh for May 11, compared to 320 lei for May 10 and 239-274 lei for the week previous, in base (Ropex DAM base), on DAM (Day Ahead Market), after Unit 2 of Cernavoda NPP entered on Sunday the planned shutdown program.

The maximums were thus of about 443 lei/MWh for the energy delivered on Monday and of 438 lei/MWh for the energy delivered on Tuesday, May 11, according to the data of the stock exchange operator analyzed by

At the same time, the average price for the whole day of Monday was 330 lei/MWh, and the peak stood at 443 lei, between 20:00 and 21:00. Last year, on May 11, also on a Monday, the price of the same time interval was of 156 lei per MWh, according to Agerpres.

Romania is also the most expensive energy market in the region, with an average price of 65 euro per MWh. In comparison, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, the energy costs 59 euro per MWh, writes Agerpres.

Also, according to the Transelectrica website, on Monday morning, at 8:50, Romania imported 1,629 MW, at a consumption of 7,151 MW and a production of 5,521 MW.

The main source of production were hydropower plants – 2,685 MW, followed by coal – 971 MW, nuclear – 712 MW, hydrocarbons – 496 MW, photovoltaic – 409 MW, wind – 133 MW, biomass – 80 MW.

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