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Energy efficiency suppliers & solutions were featured in Brasov by


The fourth edition of the series “Energy Efficiency for Big Results” – “Energy Efficiency – Suppliers, Solutions, Benefits”, brought together at Ambient Hotel in Brașov more than 50 people from the region interested in the topic proposed by Camelia Raţă, Director of Community Energy Manager, Energy Management Agency – ABMEE, opened the series of presentations with the observation that Romanian administrations have already implemented programs for low-carbon communities but are looking for new solutions in order to increase the volume of investments.

”Municipalities are looking for solutions and they really want more. Braşov has a long tradition of efficient energy planning and use, especially in the sectors under the authority of the Brasov Local Council: in particular public buildings, but also in private projects through structural funds, the public lighting sector, public transport, thermal energy supply and landscaping”, said Camelia Rață. “Braşov has an IT platform that monitors the annual energy consumption of buildings, analyzes and makes the annual investment plans for buildings with the highest emission reduction potential”, she said. Unfortunately, this information is not accessible to the general public, nor to companies involved in improving energy efficiency.

Focus on efficient buildings and electric transport

ABMEE was hired under Law 121, in 2018, to be the city manager of Braşov to carry out the Energy Efficiency Program. “In February 2019, Brasov signed the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Sustainable Energy, with a new target of 40% for 2030, following the ambitious commitments under the Paris Agreement.” Also in 2019, Brasov and five other European cities have signed an agreement to define a new program for low-emission communities in each area – public and private buildings, transport and other areas.

“We are planning to purchase 15 electric buses with structural funds. We have insisted for no longer having [car] pollution at least in the historic center”, Camelia Rață said.

Large cities asked to plan their energy efficiency actions

Bogdan Anton, expert in the Department for Energy Efficiency of the National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE, also mentioned the Paris Agreement signed in 2015, which led to the elaboration of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, which Romania is also trying to implement. The package targets three objectives – greater importance for energy efficiency, larger share of renewable resources in mix and consumer protection. As part of this legislative package, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was first amended in July 2018″, as buildings in Europe are responsible for 40% of gross final energy consumption – 45% in Romania”, said Bogdan Anton. Buildings are responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions.

He also presented some relevant figures from the ANRE’ Energy Efficiency Reports and detailed the funding opportunities through the Horizon 2020 Program.


Bogdan Anton also mentioned that only 46 of the 107 major cities of Romania have submitted their energy efficiency programs to the Authority. “Unfortunately, in the case of the medium-sized localities with 5,000-20,000 inhabitants, only 64 out of 669 have submitted such plans.” There are no coercive measures, but the new efficiency law under discussion could include such measures. From Brasov county, only Brasov and Codlea have sent to ANRE reports on energy efficiency action plans; no sign from Fagaras, Sacele, Ghimbav, Predeal, Râşnov, Rupea or Victoria.

Cătălin Lepinzean, Phoenix Contact: We need to think long-term solutions

A German company set up in 1923, with private investors and own financing, Phoenix Contact manufactures electrical engineering solutions in automation and in connection technology. “The changes in the European mobility Directive require for the new parking facilities to have the necessary infrastructure for e-cars charging stations,” Lepinzean recalled.

Phoenix Contact manufactures power station components and makes them available for the integrators to build e-cars infrastructure. Presenting the company’s portfolio, as well as the software package that provides the customer interface, Phoenix Contact’s representative also referred to packets for security in communications and cyber security.


”We have constantly increased the basis of collaboration with integrators which develop their own charging stations and infrastructure. The dynamics of demand growth is very high and we need to think long-term solutions”, said Catalin Lepinzean.

Eaton: Energy efficiency means cost savings

Cristian Trifan, Area Sales Manager for Braşov, within Eaton Electric, started from the forecasts for increased electricity demand, given that today, and all the more in the future, “everything is possible because of energy.”

Eaton is a company specialized in energy management and globally is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial components. “Over time, with acquisitions, Eaton has become a market leader, offering the most complete portfolio for electricity, starting from power distribution systems, to anti-fire, lighting and control systems”, Trifan said.


He presented some of the products of Eaton’s for energy efficiency, focusing on frequency converters, UPS systems and energy storage solutions to reduce power consumption.

PV case studies from Control Point

The Control Point Group has projects implemented in the thermal and hydro area but also in other areas in the energy market. In Romania, Control Point has 25 employees and is a partner of Valmet, a provider of solutions for the energy market, especially in waste-to-energy, paper and pulp, biomass, biogas and automation.

“Control Point manufactures electrical installations from commissioning to maintenance, and our most recent segment is solar, where we operate as a photovoltaic integrator,” said Daniel Bertalan, Sales & Project Manager Control Point. The company can install photovoltaic systems on production halls or stores, wherever available space allows sufficient sun exposure.


Bertalan presented in detail four case studies on energy efficiency by installing photovoltaic systems, all drafted for beneficiaries in Brasov – Dedeman, Vel Pitar, Kronospan, Media Galaxy. At a 30-year lifetime covered by guarantees, the cost of project is recovered in 7-8 years, with a total return rate of 300-400%, said Daniel Bertalan.

EximBank – partner for energy business

Simona Centiu, Regional Manager and Director of Corporate Network, Braşov Branch, EximBank, presented an organization with a history of 25 years, that undergoes strong modernization during the last few years. “EximBank offers unique financing solutions in the banking environment, having extensive experience in financing exporters, but also to all other economic agents, including by issuing letters of comfort, guarantees or state insurances”, said Simona Centiu. EximBank works exclusively with corporate clients, which allows bank specialists to focus their attention on the specifics and needs of companies.


Simona Cențiu also presented the services for risk minimization, be it by providing commercial information about the activity of a potential business partner at home or abroad, which can be used for taking a collaboration decision, – or by the insurance package offered by EXIMASIG, the insurance company owned by EximBank.

The conference was organized by with the support of our partners: Control Point powered by Valmet, EximBank, Eaton Electric, Phoenix Contact.

Over 50 people from organizations like ABB România, Aderro GP Energy, Agenția pentru Managementul Energiei, APA Brașov, Avicola Brașov, Control Point, Eaton Electric, EFdeN, ELMAS, Enel Energie Muntenia, ENGIE, EximBank, Federația Națională de Mediu Ecologistul, Hidroelectrica, MGM Energo, MHS Bearings SRL, NBHX Trim Group, NBHX Rolem, Phoenix Contact, Sennheiser Consumer Electronics GmbH, Steel Profile, TÜV Rheinland România have participated at the discussions.

About the campaign

Between February and November 2019 we scheduled seven conferences aimed to highlight the need for and the benefits of implementing energy audits, with examples of actions and technologies for increased energy efficiency.

Each conference features top speakers and themes such as: legislation and regulation in energy efficiency, financing for energy efficiency projects and support for public authorities and SMEs.

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