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Energy Efficiency – An Essential Component in Energy Policies. Policies and technologies

3 September 2013
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The energy industry has many difficult issues to deal with, but none is more paradoxical than energy efficiency. On the one hand, the big players in the field are asked to invest in efficiency, to spend big money to reduce the potential demand for their offerings! And all that in the context of a major decline in demand that already threatens the stability of the power system. On the other hand, however, there are companies, and not just a few, that make money from technologies and equipments, from systems and know-how they sell to large consumers to help them cut their bills. Moreover, they succed in maintaining these business profitable, and not collapse under the burden of energy costs.

Another kind of business spring because of the European environmental liabilities and compliance standards, at a time when access to financing is smoothier when the energy efficiency mantra is summoned.

And not without reason: Romania is still one of the European economies with the highest energy consumption per unit of GDP.

These are the topics of the conference WEC and DK Events organize on September 10. These and many others, as renowned speakers will be there.

Starting from 09.30:

PhD. Eng. Corneliu Rotaru – Director ANRE
Prof. PhD. Eng. Aureliu Leca – CEO Romanian Association for Energy Efficiency ARPEE (Energy Efficiency – important solution for economic recovery in Romania)
Vlad Bodea – Business Development Director ADREM INVEST (Urban Energy Efficiency. Smart Cities)
Prof. PhD. Eng. Şerban Raicu – Vice-President The Academy of Technical Sciencies in Romania (ASTR)
PhD. Eng. Eugen Roşca – The Faculty of Transports, University Politehnica Bucharest (Energy Efficiency in Urban Public Transport)
Prof. PhD. Eng. Ion Mircea, Eng. Nicolae Popescu – Universitaty of Craiova (Efficiency Solutions for the high capacity transport systems)
Prof. PhD. Eng. Radu Pentiuc, Gavril Muraru – University „Ştefan cel Mare” Suceava (Energetic Audit. Energy Management. Case Study: [/one_half][one_half_last]
Optimization of process flow in order to increase energy efficiency for an industrial consumer)
Eng. Cristiana Ion – Adviser for the Presdent – CEO ISPE SA (Energy Efficiency – one step towards sustainable development)

The debate will be moderated by

Emil Calotă – Vice-President ANRE
– PhD. Eng. Corneliu Rădulescu – General Manager ANRE
– Prof. PhD. Eng. Şerban Raicu – Vice-President ASTR
– Eng. Cornel Jivan – Director Tehnic ICPE SA
– PhD. Eng. Vasile Rugină – CNR-CME Counselor


The Academy of Technical Sciencies in Romania – ASTR
CRE – Romanian Center for Energy
University of Craiova
University „Ştefan cel Mare” Suceava

The conference is schedule during the Congress for Energy and Electronics in Romania (CEEER) 2013 which takes place from 10 to 11 September 2013 at the Parliament Palace, Nicolae Bălcescu Hall, in the IXth edition of the International Electric & Automation Show – IEAS 2013 . This year the exhibition will run from 10 to 13 September 2013 under the slogan “Kids today … Engineers tomorrow. IEAS School”. Over 70 Romanian and international companies will exhibit the latest products and technologies. Over 3000 representatives of electrical and automation market are expected.


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