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Energy Efficiency – 2020 Energynomics Awards nominations

1 December 2020
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We begin today to present the 2020 nominations for the energynomics Awards, with the Energy Efficiency category. Seven projects have been submitted, out of which we present below the top 5 following the vote of the independent Jury. Only one of the projects below will be awarded during the Gala from December 3th, but every company and everyone involved in these projects deserve our respect and the widest promotion. We thank all the companies and personalities involved in this effort to draw the image of the Romanian energy industry in 2020 through its achievements!


Photovoltaic power plant for Swisscaps Romania – ENGIE Romania

The project consisted in the construction by ENGIE Romania of a PV power plant with a power capacity of 360 kWp, for pharmaceutical product producer Swiscaps Romania, which thus gained energy autonomy and a sustainable future for its businesses.

The plant is located on an area of 2.500 sqm. The on-grid system, with a total of 960 panels, was built on the roof of two industrial buildings, the energy produced being injected into the company’s facility, thus providing a part of its own electricity consumption. ENGIE Romania has taken over the entire energy efficiency project, from design to deployment, management and post-installation services.

Energy efficiency at “Mihai Eminescu” Dumbrăveni Technology High School (Suceava County) – Bjorn Heizung

The implementation of the floor heating system has reduced primary fuel consumption by about 70%, totaling a reduction of about 100.000 kg CO2/year. At the same time, comfort in the classrooms and, by extension, the quality of the educational act has increased.

The technical characteristics of the Bjorn Heizung floor heating system allow for a high degree of automation, so the labor required for maintenance and operation of the system has also been reduced.

The entire work was carried out by a team of 2 people within 2 weeks.

Energy efficiency in MOL Romania gas stations

MOL Romania implemented a program to increase energy efficiency in 218 of its 240 service stations across the country. The total investment for this project was 600,000 EUR. The implementation consisted of 4 major phases. As a result, MOL Romania will save approximately 2000 MWh/ year, which translates into a net reduction in CO2 emissions of 578 tons of CO2 per year. Among others, stations have been upgraded with economic LED lighting and energy efficient light bulbs in the shop and forecourt area.

Micro-cogeneration at the Hotel Steaua complex – ENGIE Romania

The project carried out by ENGIE Romania consisted of the installation of a micro-cogeneration plant and the replacement of the existing equipment in the thermal power plant at the Hotel Steaua Mare complex, made up of three hotels and the SPA center.

For this project it was decided to replace the existing equipment in the thermal power plant with 4 boilers with a rated thermal input of 3.6 MW, mounted in batteries of 2 independent automated boilers and the installation of a 20 kWe and 38,7 kWth micro-cogeneration plant. Thus the plant simultaneously provides electricity to the Hotel Sea Star and heat for the SPA center.

PV systems for #home – CEZ Vânzare

Despite all the bureaucratic challenges that have arisen, CEZ Vânzare has started installing PV systems under the national program “Green House photovoltaic”. With a rate of more than 53% of accepted customers, CEZ Vânzare gives home customers the possibility to become prosumers.

In implementing the product PV systems for #home for CEZ customers, out of 389 clients registered in the program, 206 were accepted to receive the 20.000 lei financing and 183 were rejected. CEZ is currently in the process of mediating the signature of financing contracts between the beneficiaries and the AFM.

CEZ Vânzare also provides domestic customers with the possibility of becoming prosumers outside the AFM program, by offering technology (complete PV system) and consulting in the connection process, with the financial contribution being 100% borne by the customer.

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