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Enel: Companies in the group pay particular attention to compliance with competition legislation

20 September 2023
General Interest

The Enel companies pay special attention to compliance with the legislation in the field of competition and carry out their activity with transparency and non-discrimination, company representatives showed on Wednesday, after the Competition Council announced unannounced inspections at companies in the group, targeting a possible abuse of a dominant position.

“The Competition Council carried out an unannounced inspection of some Enel group companies in Romania. The Enel companies pay particular attention to compliance with competition legislation, carry out their activities with transparency, non-discrimination and respect for customers, and during the inspection they fully cooperated with the competent authority, providing all the requested documents and information,” says Enel.

According to the announcement of the Competition Council, the inspections took place within the framework of three investigations regarding possible abuses of the dominant position of the electricity distribution operators within the Enel group, in the areas where they hold a license. The competition authority specified that it has indications that E-Distribuție Muntenia, E-Distributie Banat and E-Distribuție Dobrogea, through a series of actions, limit competition on the market, by favoring their own electricity suppliers, Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia , to the detriment of other retail suppliers and consumers, according to Agerpres.

The inspections took place at the headquarters and some workplaces of the companies in Bucharest, Constanța and Timisoara, and the documents are under analysis by the Romanian competition authority, within the specific procedures.

The unannounced inspections are authorized by the Bucharest Court of Appeal and are justified by the need to obtain all the information and documents necessary to clarify the possible anti-competitive practices analyzed. Their execution does not represent a pre-pronouncement regarding the guilt of the companies, emphasizes the Competition Council.

In the summer of this year, the European Commission approved the takeover of the Romanian operations of the Italian group Enel by the Public Power Corporation group from Greece.

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