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Electrica: Investments worth 600 mln. lei, contributions to the budget of more than 1.2 bln. lei in 2020

30 June 2021

Bogdan Tudorache

Electrica Group published its fifth Sustainability Report, related to the activity in 2020, when investments of over 600 million lei were made for the modernization of the distribution infrastructure, with clear results in terms of network performance.

At the same time, the group made investments amounting to 3 million lei in the field of biodiversity protection and 14.36 million lei in the field of environmental protection.

In 2020, of the total waste collected at Group level, 61% was recovered by recycling. At the same time, Electrica paid, in 2020, contributions amounting to 1.232 billion lei to the state and local budgets. Electrica has remained one of the strongest Romanian brands, a reliable partner – with over 3.8 million users, one of the most important employers – with over 8,100 employees, a company responsible to the communities in which it operates and a top investor in Romania’s energy infrastructure.

“Transparency and increasing environmental, social and governance performance represent not only natural expectations from stakeholders, but also clear objectives of the Electrica Group. We recognize the importance and long-term value associated with good performance in the field of sustainability, both for shareholders and for society, and we are constantly working to identify new opportunities to improve it. Furthermore, we aim to have a positive social impact for all those involved in the company’s value chain, to change for the better the lives of millions of people, through sustained involvement in the communities in which we operate,” said Corina Popescu, Director General Electrica.

The 2020 report was prepared following an extensive consultation process, involving stakeholders: suppliers, contractors, consultants, companies with the same object of activity, customers, regulators, NGOs and associations, financial analysts, educational institutions, local authorities and the media.

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