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Education is an integral part of the effort to increase energy efficiency

4 July 2023

When we talk about energy efficiency, we must start from education, from the earliest possible levels, advocated Mihai Popescu, Product manager of Huawei, during the workshop “Optimization of energy flows in industry”, organized by Energynomics in Oradea. “The goal should not necessarily be to produce more energy, but to avoid consuming it chaotically and wastefully”, he added before referring to Huawei’s storage solutions, a segment in which the company offers residential customers units with powers between 5-30 kWh.

For the industrial sector, the storage solutions have powers of 200 kWh, while for the utility-scale area, namely large photovoltaic parks, the company delivers containers of 2 MWh.

In terms of electric car charging solutions, Huawei supplies both 7.4 kWh single-phase stations for the residential area and 22 kWh plug-in units or 40 kWh modules for industrial customers. These charging modules can be integrated into solutions offered locally.

“All products can be integrated into the Fusion Solar management platform where everything can be monitored in real-time, which allows quick analysis and decisions”, added Popescu.


He also referred to the behavior of battery users which has a substantial impact on the performance of the equipment and subsequently on the benefits and lifespan of the equipment.

The Chinese company is present in more than 170 countries and has more than 195,000 employees, half of whom are engaged in research and development of equipment and products, insisted Mihai Popescu.

The workshop “Optimization of energy flows in industry”, was organized by Energynomics in Oradea, with the support of our partners: Huawei, Celestica, Elektra Renewable Support, EnergoPower, Ensys, Exim Banca Românească, Lisscom,, REI Grup, Sun Energies, TAW Energy.

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