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EBITDA of 82 million dollars at six months for KMG International

24 July 2015

KMG International recorded in the first half of this year an increase of about 28% of the operational result (EBITDA), reaching 82 million dollars, says the oil group. Last year, the Group’s operational profit was 142 million dollars.

About oil processiong, Petromidia Năvodari and Vega Ploiești refineries, as well as the petrochemical division processed 2.9 million tons of feedstock, an improvement of 10% compared to the similar period in 2014. Petromidia refinery processes about 15.000 tons of feedstock per day, over 7% increase over the average for 2014 – 13.800 tons per day.

“The operational results reached by the Group in the first quarter continue the outstanding performance registered in 2014, unique in the 15 years of its existence. We managed to obtain a record production, the result being supported by the implementation of the transformation program – Change for good as well as by the expansion of Rompetrol products in the Black Sea region by constructing 6 new stations in Romania and Moldova, modernization and alignment of Rompetrol stations to the new concept (Romania, Georgia, Moldova), the transfer of 46 COCO* stations to the CODO** model”, declared Mr. Zhanat Tussupbekov, KMG International CEO.

The fuel sales through Rompetrol stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Moldova have reached 1.26 million tons in January – June, a 3% increase over 2014 results. The overall volume of sales reached 2.23 million tons (+15%) last year.

The exports from Rompetrol Rafinare, the main asset of the Group, to KMG subsidiaries from Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and to partners from the Black Sea region increased by 34%, reaching 240.000 tons.

The Group turnover reached 5.5 billion dollars in the first half, decreasing from 6.7 billion dollars. KMG International’s contribution to the state budget was 775 million dollars in the first half of the year. The total contribution in 2014 reached 1.93 billion dollars.

“With over 1.4 billion dollars total investments, the Group, together with its sole shareholder – KazMunayGas, has managed to reach in 2007 – 2014 over 33 million tons of processed feedstock, over 10.8 billion exports, over 10.5 billion dollars in contributions to the state budget. The company has more than 4.200 commercial partners and a monthly social impact on 30.000 people”, added Zhanat Tussupbekov.

KMG International increased processing capacity by 21% in 2014 (5.54 million tons), fuel production at Petromidia refinery by 22% (record levels of diesel production – 2.46 million tons), fuel sales through stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia by 15%, exports to subsidiaries and partners in the Black Sea region by 36%. Moreover, the rebranding program for 90 stations in Romania and the implementation of the new station concept in Moldova and Georgia were completed.

The Group operates the largest refinery in Romania – Petromidia Năvodari (5 million tons per year), one of the most modern in the Black Sea region (Nelson index – 10.5). Vega Ploiești is the oldest Romanian profile unit (1905) and the only producer of automotive bitumen and polymer modified bitumen on the internal market. The petrochemicals division with a capacity of 220.000 tons of polymers per year is the only working profile company in Romania.

The Group also operates a fuel distribution network of 740 filling points, 230 auto LPG distribution stations, 9.000 gas cylinders distribution points and 3 LPG bottling stations. The company manages 6 depots (Arad, Craiova, Mogoșoaia, Șimleul Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei and Zărnești) and an indirect depot at Petromidia refinery.

KMG International also holds several noncore assets in Romania, such as the production of pipes and fittings – Palplast Sibiu, design and manufacturing of industrial valves – Rominserv Valves IAIFO Zalău, security services, protection and prevention – Global Security Systems and well services – Rompetrol Well Services. The Company’s current strategy supported by the sole Shareholder – KazMunayGas focuses on reorganization and optimization of all noncore assets to the extent of divesting them if there would be attractive offers.

* COCO – company owned, company operated

** CODO – company owned, dealer operated

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