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E.ON: Thousands of jobs in the economy, budget contributions of 370 mln. euro in 2022

5 September 2023

E.ON is one of the largest taxpayers in Romania to the state and local budgets, the total value of contributions last year exceeding 1.8 billion lei (about 370 million euros), 80% more than the previous year, according to the company’s sustainability report launched this week. In the 17 years of its presence in Romania, the amounts paid by E.ON in the form of taxes and fees are of around 14 billion lei (over 3 billion euros).

At the same time, E.ON is an important partner for around 2,000 suppliers on the entire supply chain, 95% of which are domestically owned. Last year, the value of purchases by companies in the group exceeded 1.14 billion lei (over 231 million euros). The amount does not include the value of electricity and natural gas purchases intended for the approximately 3.4 million customers in Romania. In 2022, all new suppliers were selected with environmental criteria in mind.

Sustainable investments

The investments made by the E.ON Group in Romania during 2022, in the amount of 654 million lei (about 133 million euros), focused on the expansion and modernization of natural gas and electricity networks, to meet the needs of the energy transition , increase the capacity of networks to connect new sources of renewable energy, as well as boost the digitalization of services. All this contributes to a greener future by reducing environmental impact, but also to better customer service.

For example, the number of prosumers connected to the Delgaz Grid network has grown exponentially in recent years, from only 67 in 2020 to around 6,500 at the end of last year, to reach almost 9,500 at the beginning of June this year, the estimates for the end of the year since this figure will reach around 12,000.

Delgaz Grid also recorded the lowest average duration of unplanned outages in the network last year, falling to 76.44 minutes per year, well below the country average of 108.25 minutes, which places the company in the first position among distributors in Romania. Compared to the time of privatization, when the duration of interruptions was 1,800 minutes/year, the situation has improved more than 20 times.

Innovative technologies

An important step in the energy transition is the implementation of hydrogen technologies in the natural gas distribution system. Thus, the 20HyGrid project started in 2022, a first for Romania, aims to demonstrate that, from a technical point of view, it is possible and safe to add hydrogen, in proportion to 20% of the volume, in distribution networks and use facilities of existing natural gas in Romania – without the need for their changes.

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