E.ON Romania launched the Energy Challenge 2020 competition


E.ON Romania started the Energy Challenge 2020, a competition dedicated to young people, which started in 2015 and since then has trained almost 200 students from university centers in Romania, eager to bring innovative solutions, created by teams, closer to make the world of energy more efficient, more flexible and cheaper.

Starting next week, young people from E.ON Romania, some of them former participants in the Energy Challenge, will take a tour of the competition in the university centers in Târgu – Mures, Iasi, Sibiu, Mediaş, Bucharest, Ploiesti, Cluj, Timisoara , Arad, Brasov, Suceava, Alba-Iulia, Constanta, Craiova, Oradea.

Energy Challenge is dedicated to all young people, students or master undergrads, from all the university centers in the country, who want to get involved in the development of the energy field. Not only the ideas generated by the teams will be scored, but also the way they are presented, by a jury made up of energy specialists.

At the end of January 2020, the finalist teams will be announced, and they will participate in March, in Târgu Mureș, at the Energy Challenge Academy, where the competitors will participate in workshops.

The final of the competition will take place in April, at the E.ON Romania headquarters in Târgu Mureș, and the winners will leave with prizes.


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