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E.ON offers a turnkey solution for prosumers admitted to the Casa Verde program

6 September 2023
General Interest

E.ON Energie Romania supports individuals with a dedicated solution, E.ON Solar Casa Verde, and offers turnkey photovoltaic systems for those who receive financing through the Casa Verde Photovoltaic program. In addition to the subsidy of 20,000 lei received from the state, E.ON offers free electricity bills, up to 2,000 lei, consultancy, assessment, design and installation of solar panels, flexible payment and free technical services.

Enrollments in the Green House 2023 program of the Environmental Fund Agency (AFM) have ended, but there is still an important step to take before benefiting from the photovoltaic system: choosing the installer. Once the list of validated installers is published on the AFM website, customers will have 90 days to choose an E.ON Energie Romania installer for photovoltaic systems.

“This year, the interest in photovoltaic panels increased a lot, becoming the most sought-after energy efficiency solutions. And this, because more and more people want to become energy independent and save on electricity bills. And E.ON comes with a proposal that meets the expectations of those interested in these aspects very well”, says Claudia Griech, general director of E.ON Energie Romania.

Customers who opt for E.ON Solar Casa Verde have at their disposal the entire range of available power: 3 kW, 4 kW, 5 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW, both in single-phase and three-phase systems. For example, a 3 kW photovoltaic system produces, on average, 3,500 kWh/year, enough to cover an average monthly consumption of approximately 300 kWh.

Customers can choose to pay the solution in full or in fixed monthly installments over a period of 1, 3, or 5 years, through E.ON partners, and the investment recovery is between 2 and 4 years, depending on the installed power.

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