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E.ON Romania receives 300 connection requests per week from prosumers

9 April 2024

E.ON Romania receives 300 connection requests per week from prosumers, compared to 10 requests per week at the beginning of the year, said on Monday, Volker Raffel, CEO of E.ON Romania, present at the debate “Geopolitical changes in Southern Europe -East”, organized by AHK Romania.

“Now we have 300 requests per week. At the beginning of the year we had 10 requests per week, now we see 300 requests per week because the Casa Verde program has restarted, panel prices have dropped and we are having an explosion. At our place where we distribute electricity in the industry of Moldova manages the connection process. We connect very quickly and we get to connect everyone, but what we have to do is to strengthen the network. For connection is one thing, but after the network it must be able to evacuate the electricity and there it must we work at high speed,” said Volker Raffel.

Asked about the duration of prosumers connecting to the network, he said that in the case of the company he manages, the process takes between 10 and 20 days from the receipt of the request to the connection.

Volker Raffel emphasized the importance of making investments in the distribution network to evacuate the electricity produced. He mentioned that two days ago German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited AHK.

“And he considered that in Germany we started a little too late. And in Romania we missed a chance because we postponed the regulatory period for one year. But now we are talking with the authorities to establish the investment framework for 5 years,” also said Volker Raffel.

Also, the head of E.ON was asked about the possible sale of the company to Romgaz.

“Yes, I heard rumors too. What happens in the large group is that we periodically review the portfolio and at the moment we do this analysis at the group level, in Germany, what options are there for the business in Romania as well, but the decisions are not taken and until the decisions are not taken I cannot comment more,” added Volker Raffel.

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