E.ON Gaz Furnizare and E.ON Energie Romania have merged


The supply companies of the E.ON Group in Romania, E.ON Gaz Furnizare and E.ON Energie România are involved in a merger process by absorption, the effective date of the merger being September 30, 2020.

Following the merger of the two companies, the natural gas supply contracts of E.ON Gaz Furnizare customers will be automatically taken over by the integrated natural gas and electricity supplier E.ON Energie România, the absorbing company.

The merger decision was approved by the Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders of the two companies and is motivated by the fact that, with the liberalization of the natural gas market, the segment of regulated customers disappears and thus the presence of a separate entity in the market is no longer justified, respectively of the company E.ON Gaz Furnizare which covered this segment. Moreover, following the merger, customer interaction will be greatly simplified by the existence of a single supply company that will manage a single portfolio of customers.

In addition, customers will have quick and direct access to the services and communication channels of E.ON Energie Romania.


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