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E-Infra gets 47 mln. euro loan from Banca Transilvania for a PV park

24 August 2023
Bogdan Tudorache

Banca Transilvania financed the E-Infra group with 47 million euro for the construction of the Doicesti-Şotânga photovoltaic park, an investment already operational since August.

The energy produced will provide green energy during the construction of the future plant with small modular reactors (SMR) from Doicesti and, subsequently, will represent an additional source for the internal services of the SMR plant, after its commissioning.

“The Doiceşti-Şotânga photovoltaic park will in the future be an important source of clean energy for the SMR plant in Doiceşti. We are happy that through this financing granted to the E-Infra group, Banca Transilvania appreciates and supports an important project for the development of the SMR plant, which will have in the future a strategic role for Romania’s security and energy transition. At the same time, these steps send a message of confidence regarding the SMR power plant project. We thank Bănci Transilvania for the collaboration,” said Gianina Pelea, Deputy CEO of E-Infra.

The photovoltaic park produces green energy through over 123,000 monocrystalline bifacial panels with a lifespan of 25 years, being built on an area of over 115 hectares, with an installed capacity of 80 MW. Also, the photovoltaic park is connected to the National Energy System through the two 110 kV/MT/LV transformer stations, Doicesti and Şotânga.

“Green financing is part of BT’s strategy regarding sustainability and resource allocation, in order to have – together with its customers – a positive impact on the environment and society,” added Cosmin Călin, executive director of Large Corporate Clients, Banca Transilvania.

Banca Transilvania launched for entrepreneurs, in the first part of the year, a package of solutions for reducing energy costs, which includes BT financing for photovoltaic panels, an online simulator for saving money and offers from the partners that the bank has in this program . The solutions are intended for entrepreneurs who want to sustainably grow their business by producing and using green energy from renewable sources.

Nova Power & Gas is one of the main companies part of the E-Infra group and is an electricity producer, electricity and natural gas supplier and natural gas distribution operator. Along with Nuclearelectrica, Nova Power & Gas is part of the project company for the development of the project of small modular reactors (SMR) from Doicesti – the RoPower company.

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