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13 July 2023

According to an analysis carried out by, the market for installing photovoltaic panels on residential blocks of flats has a potential of over 800 million euro. According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS), there are currently around 88,000 blocks of flats in Romania, and the average value of an installation project is of around 10,000 euros.

“It is a market with enormous potential and which can contribute significantly to Romania’s energy efficiency goals, but also to reducing the expenses of block house owners. We consider it necessary, therefore, to include owners’ associations in the future AFM programs of the Casa Verde type. Also, local public authorities could include the installation of photovoltaic panels in thermal rehabilitation projects, alongside the installation of heat pumps for hot water heating, which can be installed in the technical space or in the basements of buildings,” stated Dan Tudose, the founder of

In the case of a groundfloor (G) +4 floors (F) block, an area of at least 40 sqm is required, for the installation of a number of 15 photovoltaic panels, with a power of at least 6 KWh, the investment amount reaching around 8,000 euro (including VAT).

In a 10-storey block (G+10F), for a power of at least 15 KWh, 40 photovoltaic panels are installed on an area of at least 100 sqm, the investment value reaching about 14,000 euro. In both cases, the investment pays for itself in about 5 years.

Optionally, storage batteries can also be included. For the G+4F, a battery of at least 5 KWh is required, which costs 4,000 euro, and for the G+10F, one of at least 10 KWh is needed, whose price reaches 6,000 euro, the study also shows.

“Currently, there is an incipient interest in the installation of photovoltaic systems on the block., an ANRE certified installer, supports local public and private initiatives that have proposed green urban development and on the block. Communities of owners must be encouraged to produce and consume green energy. That is why, for the implementation of sustainability and on the block, it is indicated that these housing energy communities are supported and helped through various subsidy programs both by local public authorities and by the Administration of the Environment Fund,” also stated Dan Tudose.

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