Domnești station, a project of 144 million lei, will be completed in October


The refurbishment of the Domnești station is part of the extensive process carried out by Transelectrica to strengthen the electricity transmission network in the Bucharest area, writes the company in a press release. The investment, with a total value of 144 million lei, involves the refurbishment of the station at all voltage levels and is to be finalized this October. The Electrical Transformation Station 400/110 /20kV Domnești represents an important energy hub of the Electricity Transport Network in the metropolitan area of the Capital, ensuring the supply of a significant part of the consumption of the Municipality of Bucharest.

Among the the three power stations in the area of the Capital, Domnești Electric Station is the last one to undergo the modernization process, preceded by the refurbishment of the 400/220/110/10 kV Electric Station in Bucharest South (2006-2009; 2014-2015) and by modernization of the 220/110/10 kV Fundeni Electric Station (2006-2007).

Another relevant project of Transelectrica’s is the “works required to achieve the coexistence conditions between the high voltage aerial power lines and the road objective Crossing Bd. Nicolae Grigorescu – Splai Dudescu” and at the field for refurbishing the aerial transforming station of 400/110/20 kV Domnești, the most important investment objective of Transelectrica in the Capital area.

The works have a total value of over 4,8 million lei without VAT, and are to be finalized by March 31, 2020.


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