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Distribuție Oltenia: Competition 10 at Energy, won by “Matei Basarab” School of Pitesti

4 July 2023

Green energy has a place of honor in the Electrician Apprenticeship Program, say Distribuție Oltenia (CEZ) officials.

The jury declared the “Matei Basarab” Secondary School from Pitesti, Argeș county, as the winner of the 10 at Energy Competition, which will benefit from the full installation of a system of photovoltaic panels that ensure the supply of energy from renewable sources.

Responsibility towards a sustainable future starts from the school benches. Between April 20 and June 1, over 400 schools located in the operational area of Distribuție Oltenia participated in the Apprentice Electrician, 10 at Energy brand competition.

The students of the 7th and 8th grades were ready to answer and get grade 10 at #EnergyHour, within the four modules of interactive lessons that addressed the following topics: Basic information about energy; Electricity; Energy sources and Green Energy.

At the end of each educational module, the students completed evaluation tests and made practical components, through models, schemes and drawings that showed creativity, innovative ideas and a true understanding of the importance of renewable resources for a cleaner and more energy efficient future.

“Our actions today influence what the future will look like. We are responsible for how we use current resources and debts with regard to building sustainable attitudes towards the generations to come. Through the 10 Energy competition, we focus our attention on the energy of the future and on sustainable development in the communities we are part of, through energy efficient solutions. Congratulations to the Matei Basarab Secondary School, to all the students and coordinating teachers, for the results obtained which stood out in particular. We also thank the participating schools and applaud the involvement in the competition, which demonstrates a real concern for sustainable development in energy. We are happy to expand the green map of educational institutions,” said Eugen Butoarcă, Executive Director of Distribuție Oltenia.

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