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Distributie Energie Electrică Romania: Pledged investments worth 689 mln. lei for 2022

6 May 2022

Distributie Energie Electrică Romania (DEER), part of the Electrica Group, one of the 6 major national electricity distribution network operators, has an investment plan for 2022 worth 689 million lei, for the modernization and development of the electricity distribution system.

The main directions aim at parameters of continuity and quality in power supply, energy efficiency and reduction of network losses; operational efficiency, and thus, reduction of maintenance costs, the company announced.

For the medium term, the company plans, in addition to further modernizing the network infrastructure, accelerating digitalization, developing alternative channels for user interactions and creating a modern work environment for employees, by implementing the concept of Digital Distribution. 

In the long run, the company’s projects are geared towards the concept of smart grid, in line with industry trends.

Recently, the company signed a contract for the implementation of an Intelligent Electricity Distribution System for the entire network in the 18 counties, with the consortium Cuculus GmbH, Elsaco Solutions and Simetrix Solution. The contract, valued at over 78.6 million lei, includes the implementation of the Cuculus ZONOS IoT Platform for MDC (Meter Data Collection) and MDM (Meter Data Management), as well as a wide range of adjacent services, including operations for the entire distribution network for eight years.

In 2021, Distributie Energie Electrică Romania sustained investments worth 549 million lei. The main benefits of these investments have been to improve the quality of the distribution service and increase operational efficiency by modernizing, automating facilities, implementing modern technologies and increasing energy efficiency by reducing grid losses.


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