Delgaz Grid to invest nearly 250 mil. lei in smart grids in the coming years


The distribution company Delgaz Grid, part of the E.ON Romania group, installed approximately 315,000 smart meters, with successive programs amounting to approximately 127 million lei, to consumers, most of them in the counties of Bacau and Neamt.

More precisely, 73% of consumers in Bacău County and 43% of those in Neamț county have installed SMART counters. Another 400,000 units will be installed to consumers by 2028. Also on the smart grid, nearly 150 urban transformation stations will be integrated into the SCADA system between 2019-2021.

The two counties were selected to carry out intelligent metering projects as a result of analyzes that indicated, among other things, a potential for reducing their own technological consumption in the electricity distribution network.

At present the company develops a European funded project worth about 45 million lei in Iași to install 10.000 meters and upgrade the related distribution network as well as to implement the hardware infrastructure and applications software required to operate the system. For 2019-2028 the target is to instal 397,000 meters, the value of the investments being about 135 million lei.

The modernization of the Moldovan energy system is a perpetual concern of the company, in 2018 being invested over 257 million lei. Also last year it invested over 235 million lei in modernizing and developing the natural gas distribution system in the 20 counties.


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