Delgaz Grid: Improvized or faulty electrical installations cause fires


Bogdan Tudorache

One in four fires is triggered by faulty or improvised electrical installations. 19 people died and 39 were injured in the first 9 months of this year in fires caused by these causes, Delgaz Grid officials say.

In the first nine months of the year, at national level, according to the data of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, 19 people died and 39 were injured due to defective or improvised electrical installations. Unfortunately, to this worrying statistic, are added 9 people who lost their lives and another 31 people who suffered as a result of incidents caused by electrical appliances left on power.

Within the “Together for safety” partnership, concluded in 2012 between the I.G.S.U., E.ON Romania and Delgaz Grid, several joint campaigns have been carried out to inform and raise the awareness of citizens about the risks they face in the event of improper use of energy.


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