Dan Bucșa, UniCredit London: There is no risk of a recession in Romania in 2020


There is no risk of a recession for Romania in 2020, says analyst Dan Bucșa, of UniCredit London.

”In 2019 we have strong (economic) growth in most of the region. Everyone is growing above potential, except Turkey. Above all, growth is dominated by consumption and investment. What is different is the source of investments. In Poland and Hungary in mainly European funds, in Romania and Bulgaria mainly buildings, in Serbia mainly the state, Croatia, Slovenia, European funds and so on. Next year, a contraction of economic growth everywhere. All consumption will lead to economic growth. Investments, where there will be European funds, less in construction and probably less in companies’ investments,” he said, quoted by Hotnews.ro.

In contrast, the likelihood of a recession in the US over the next 12 months is of over 50%, Bucșa said.


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