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D. Dărăban: The state should re-analyze the use of suppliers as intermediaries for capping

24 May 2022

The Romanian state should consider whether, at the level of intervention policies, the model of support for energy consumers, by using suppliers as intermediaries for pre-financing for the capping and compensation system, is the best that can be, said Daniela Dărăban, executive director of the ACUE Federation, according to

According to the ACUE official, there is the possibility of implementing certain state schemes for economic clients and there is also the possibility for the state to intervene with direct support – vouchers, for example – for the domestic client.

“At the moment, we are in a situation of de facto stagnation, because the problems of the suppliers are not solved. In a crisis situation, if the state decides to intervene with a package of measures and uses market players in intermediate stages to pre-finance these schemes, then the same state must comply with its obligations and be a credible partner in implementing these policies. The companies went ahead, applied all the legal provisions, probably a lot of them financed themselves in order to be able to pre-finance these schemes and at the end of the day everything is about credibility,” she said.

”There are a lot of discussions at ANRE, which we often provoke, to see what the status is and with what can we help in making this settlement process more flexible and fluid, but time shows us that it is a very bureaucratic scheme.

I don’t want to blame anyone, maybe even civil servants who raise questions about certain settlement procedures also have their point of view correct, but we are six months away from this system actually not working.

Next, we hear that solutions have been found, we hope, we will see… and we hope, but it doesn’t work!

I think it would be time, perhaps this summer, at the level of intervention policies, for the state to consider whether this model of consumer support, through the use of suppliers as intermediaries, is the best. And maybe it will decide to go with direct interventions to the clients,” added Daniela Daraban.

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