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Cristian Secoșan is the new General Manager of Delgaz Grid distribution company

1 April 2022

Starting today, Cristian Secoșan took over the roles of General Manager of Delgaz Grid and Board member of E.ON Romania. Ferenc Csulak, who has held this position until now, will continue to provide support from the position of Deputy General Manager of the company. At the same time, he will remain on E.ON Romania’s Board, as Deputy General Manager, responsible for the distribution area, until June 30, 2022.

Cristian Secoșan (54 years old) has been, until now, the CEO of Siemens Romania. An engineer by profession, a graduate of Politehnica University of Timișoara, he has accumulated, in the last 30 years, a rich experience in the fields of energy, technology, and digitalization, with important positions in leading large companies such as OMV Petrom, ABB, and Alstom. At the same time, he was involved in the decision-making structures of AHK Romania (Romanian German Chamber of Commerce) and the Council of Foreign Investors (FIC). Previously, from 2007 to 2009, Cristian Secoșan was a part of our own group, as the General Manager of E.ON Moldova Furnizare.

”Cristian Secoșan’s arrival in our team occurs at a time with extraordinary challenges for distribution companies. Together, we have a difficult road ahead, but I am convinced that his energy, professional experience, and leadership qualities will help us achieve our goals,” said Volker Raffel, CEO of E.ON Romania.

”I look forward to meeting my colleagues and working together. Delgaz Grid is the only integrated company in the field of electricity and natural gas distribution with complex and diverse operations, and in everything we intend to do we are thinking of the future, one in which our networks will be the backbone of the energy transition,” said Cristian Secoșan.

Therefore, from April 1st 2022, Volker Raffel (CEO), Mirko Strube (CFO, Digitalization/ IT, HR and other support functions), Claudia Griech (Customer Solutions), Cristian Secoșan and Ferenc Csulak (Distribution) will form E.ON Romania’s Board of Directors.

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