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11 March 2014
Don't miss!

[one_half] and supporting European Green Building Councils will organize a virtual trade fair occurring 14 and 15 May 2014 focused on highlighting exemplary green building projects in Europe and the latest green building technologies, materials, other products and services. The organizers are anticipating the participation of 10 to 20 thousand attendees and over 500 exhibitors who will configure online booths, join and interact via computers throughout Europe and internationally.

The virtual trade fair aims to bring together all participants of the building process including investors, designers, policy makers, materials, technology and product suppliers as well as building occupiers and other stakeholders. The event also aims to facilitate the introduction of viable green building solutions to nascent green building markets that may otherwise have challenge learning about recent innovations.

“We have a classic ‘chicken & egg’ scenario where many markets are under served because they might not have a fully developed green building market yet they are, collectively, a hugely significant market. Construction21EXPO Europe will lower the barrier and costs for introducing needs and solutions for green building projects to a considerably wider area of Europe.”, says Steven Borncamp, co-Director of, organizer of the trade show.

The list of participating companies includes investors and green building solution providers including Delta Development Group’s Park 2020 (Netherlands), Interface (USA), ARUP (UK), Nemetschek (Germany), Steelcase (USA), BRE (UK), Tengbom Architects ( Finland) Green IMMO (Germany), Europa Property (Poland), Liberty Technology Park (Romania), NAI Europe (USA), Building the Future (Holland), Catalyst Partners (USA), and SIP Technologies (Romania).

Europe’s Green Building Councils and Construction 21 Chapters from Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Croatia, Israel, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ireland, Lithuania, Turkey, Russia, Austria, Latvia and Montenegro have joined Construction21EXPO as well as expert organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council and the International Living Future Institute.[/one_half][one_half_last]The event exhibitors will also contribute to offset the carbon emissions of the significant energy resulted from the information technology and data processing required to host an online tradefair of this size to minimize the environmental impact of the fair.

“While will obviously eliminate the carbon emissions related to attendees flying or driving and shipping exhibit materials, we want to make sure this event will contribute positively to our planet’s health. Each Construction21EXPO will provide funds to contribute to a green building project that both directly reduces energy use and inspires the local building community to improve their environmental performance.”, says Ioana Diaconu, communication specialist for

The Construction21 Association is a non-political, non-profit international organization that manages the knowledge sharing platform for sustainable construction. This platform includes over 450 building case studies, related product information, and online communities for green building practitioners’ sharing of information.

Green Building Councils are member-based organizations dedicating to transformation of the local building industry toward sustainability. In Europe, there are over 30 national Green Building Councils that include the involvement of over three thousand companies.


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