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Conpet profit rose by 25.7% in the first semester, reaching 5.8 million euro

5 August 2013

Conpet Ploiești reported for the first semester a net profit of 5.8 million euros (25.76 million lei), up by 25.7% from the same period last year, when the profit was 4.6 million euros (20.49 million lei). Company’s operations rose by 5.7% during the time analyzed, from 36.92 million euros (162.48 million lei) to 39 million euros (171.8 million lei), according to the half-yearly report that was sent to Bucharest Stock Exchange. The total revenues stalled at 43.78 million euros (192.66 million lei) for the first six months of the year, while the expenditures fell by 4%, to a total of 36.71 million euros (161.56 million lei).

During the same period in 2012, the revenues amounted to 43.82 million euros (192.83 million lei), and the expenditures totaled 38.26 million euros (168.37 million lei). The company estimated for this year a decrease in revenues by 2.6%, to 89.5 million euros (387.1 million lei), and a net profit of 4.6 million euros (19.8 million lei), close to half of what gained last year. In the declaration coming from the executive leadership of Conpet Ploiești, it is shown that the financial situation drafted for the first semester was made according to all the norms, rules, accounting standards and european directives, and it provides an accurate image regarding Conpet’s assets, obligations, financial stand, profit and losses accounts.

Conpet manages the national transport infrastructure for oil products. The company is state controlled, through the Minister of Economy, with a 58.72 share in ownership. Fondul Proprietatea has a 29.7% share, and the rest goes to other investors. The most recent stock transaction was made on Monday, when the price fell by 0.76%, to 7.67 euros (33.76 lei). According to this stock exchange list, the company has a market value of 66.2 million euros (292.27 million lei).

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