Colterm Timisoara




The company integrated in its activity both the primary and secondary networks, and the distribution of electric and thermal power is eased through modern strategies.

Pe scurt

Turnover: 190.04 mil lei
Profit: -31.8097 mil lei
Employees: 998

Key People

Pampu Petrica - General Director


Colterm Timisoara was created in 2004 through a City Council Decision. By reorganizing two previous companies: Termocet 2002, which administered the primary networks and plants for thermal power, and Calor, which administered the secondary network, the thermal points of entry and neighbourhood thermal power units.
Being under the authority of Timisoara City Council, Colterm Timisoara has as main domain of activities:
-production, transportation, distribution and supplying of thermal power
-production and sales of electric energy
-exploitation, maintening, repairing and developing of thermal networks and of instalations for points of entry and for thermal power plant units
-through hydrophore stations in 46 working points and thermal plants the cold water for buildings with more than P+4 floors is provided
-mounting and exploitation of burden-sharing systems
railway transportation maneuvers.


4 Bishop Joseph Ionovici Street, Timisoara, Timis county
+4.025.643.57.24, +4.025.643.46.14