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Timișoara City Hall to buy 10 cogen units for Colterm, via PNRR

9 February 2023

Timișoara City Hall wants to obtain 230 million lei through PNRR to purchase 10 cogeneration units, high-performance gas turbines with engines that produce both heat and electricity.

The new thermal engines would be installed on a land at CET Sud of 4,767 square meters, located in the private domain of the Municipality of Timișoara, according to Transilvania Business.

“The thermal solution proposed in principle consists in the installation of 10 cogeneration thermal engines with a power of 4.5 Mwe and 4.4 MWt, each in a metal hall with an area of 1,641 square meters, ground floor height regime, connected to the utility system in within the CET Sud,” says a Decision adopted by the City Hall.

The natural gas supply will be made from the gas pipeline that feeds the existing industrial steam boilers, and the heat supply will be made by integrating the new plant into the existing system, at the existing heating collector at CET Sud. Combustion gases will be made through an individual, metal, self-supporting chimney.

The duration of the project should be 30 months, of which 18 months will be its execution. The value of the investment was estimated at 229.6 million lei. The city hall will contribute 41 million lei.

This new plant would remove coal from the list of fuels, thus also the need to pay green certificates. This type of thermal energy production is not new, the most successful example is Oradea, where such gas engines have been installed since a few years ago.

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