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Companies interested in small co-financing for solar installations should finance their investment themselves

21 March 2023

Companies that want to attract European funds for investment in their own renewable energy generation capacities should also take into account the costs that are generally overlooked.

“We have situations where many end up applying for 20% or 30% financing. For such shares, it’s already not worth it anymore, because by the time you wait for a 20% financing to come, you’ve already spent 20%, maybe even 25% more on energy, for no reason. We have done financial simulations and had clients who actually turned their backs. They decided not to wait for financing and to make the investment now”, explained Dan Fleșariu, CEO of Wiren Romania, at the conference “More renewables for Romania”, organized by Energynomics.

Currently, the greatest pressure is on new production capacities, especially at the level of industrial prosumers. In addition, many companies are looking for free financing for the installation of photovoltaic panels. “There is sometimes a fixation on the part of clients who want to get free funds, but there is no such thing. The cost of the free funds is the cost of energy that they pay for the entire duration until they can access the funds related to the respective financing”, stated Fleșariu.

Another problem is represented by those small prosumers who, due to financial constraints, turn to companies without expertise for the installation of photovoltaic panels. These companies do not even have the ability to offer maintenance services to customers after commissioning the photovoltaic installation.

This is an indication of the immaturity of the market, but it is a matter of time until the market will go through a process of integration, after which there will be fewer profile companies, but stronger and with expertise in the field.

“The market will settle at some point and there will be a few companies that will provide these services. The time will come when these little prosumers will come to us because they have problems. In theory, we would have no problems taking them over, but if the installation was not done properly, I will have to conduct an audit, which will cost money”, said Fleșariu.

The conference “More renewables for Romania” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners among which ABB, ACE Industrial Software, BCR, Consolight, Eaton Electric, Elektra Renewable Support, EnergoPower, European Energy, Finder, Geminox, Huawei, ING Bank, LAPP Romania, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, Prime Batteries Technology, REI Grup, Renomia-Gallagher, Valmont, Volt, Wiren România, Wise Finance Solutions.

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