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Colterm is looking for a general and deputy manager, following the resignation of Bogdan Nanu

2 March 2021
District Heating

Bogdan Tudorache

The Timișoara district heating company Colterm has opened the hiring procedures for a deputy general manager, a position currently held by the former technical director Emil Șerpe. The announcement was published by the local press shortly after the general manager Bogdan Nanu resigned, following the finding of the existence of a 20-year-old criminal case.

The current interim deputy director, Emil Șerpe, was appointed interim general manager at Colterm in January 2017, he being technical director since 2014. Back then he replaced Mircea Cristian, who left due to health reasons, writes Timiș Online.

Subsequently, Emil Șerpe took over the management of Colterm, and on February 1, 2021, he ceded the position of leader to Bogdan Nanu, former advisor of the Director, who resigned, however, after less than two weeks.

“I met Bogdan Nanu after I became mayor, when he offered to help in the incredibly difficult situation I found at Colterm. His professional performance in recent months has been impeccable. He came up with solutions when the heat in the city was about to stop because Colterm could not pay its bills. The preventive settlement procedure has begun, which could save the company from insolvency and bankruptcy. He managed to rebuild the creditors’ trust. Thanks for that. But the revelations about the mistakes he made 20 years ago, mistakes in the field in which he now works, have compromised precisely the trust he has built. I found out, with the same consternation as you, from the press about this past of Bogdan Nanu. He paid for his mistakes and learned from them. But no matter how professional and of good faith he is, there is no longer the credibility needed to be at the helm of the change process that is needed. He is aware of that,” said the mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz.


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