Claudiu Crețu: The new ELCEN-RADET reorganization plan could be approved on July 9th


The new ELCEN-RADET reorganization plan will be subject to approval by creditors on July 9, Claudiu Crețu, ELCEN administrator, told

“The endless saga of ELCEN-RADET continues… Unfortunately, the legal status of ELCEN has not changed, and as far as the current situation of the company is concerned, we are preparing to operate for the cold season, we are doing all the repairs so that there will be no syncope in the next winter. We assure everyone that we will operate reasonably in the conditions we operate with four plants, and only one of which is modern, while two are from 1964. This year, we wil modernize the burners to meet the restrictions imposed by the European environmental norms,” Crețu stated at Cogeneration – industry, households and the national energy system, an event organized by

He blames the short-term thinking of decision-makers. Bucharest’s heating system needs investments in the next one or two years, otherwise it will not be able to operate over 5-7 years.

“We have the heating centrals of Bucharest since 1964, but we are changing the pavement every two or three or five years,” he said.

At the same time, the repairs and maintenance industry disappeared – companies do not show up at ELCEN auctions.

“Instead, when we organize tenders for security, there are so many! We do not have anymore with whom to repair, there are no specialists anymore. There is potential for cogeneration, I keep my optimism, but it has to go also into the implementation part – here is the problem – the coherence in implementation. Examples of good practices in cogeneration in Romania are few,” Crețu said. “We need investment, and efficient equipment. Efficiency comes from investment… the reorganization plan needs to go further,” he added.


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