Claudiu Crețu: Elcen will rent modular capacities following an emergency procedure


Bogdan Tudorache

Electrocentrale Bucureşti (Elcen) will rent modular thermal energy production capacities following an emergency procedure, in order to make up for the losses of thermal agent, especially from sectors 2 and 3, Elcen administrator Claudiu Creţu told

“An emergency procedure will follow, a negotiation, we are waiting for offers from companies. The big losses are in sectors 2 and 3, in the CET Sud area. We want to cover this winter and, possibly, next winter as well, although in the meantime our investments will start,” said Crețu. He said there are currently no financial data on the project, which will be drawn up as soon as possible.

Electrocentrale Bucureşti (Elcen) will rent modular thermal energy production units, which it will install in various areas of the Capital, in order to make up for the huge losses in the district heating network, previously said the Economy minister Virgil Popescu.

He stressed that the people of Bucharest must know that all the problems related to the lack of hot water and heat start from the primary network.

“Four years ago, the losses were 800 tons per hour. Today they are 2,500 tons per hour, there is a lack of investment, there was indifference, this is the state of the network. We must make efforts to keep the system in operation this winter,” the minister said, according to Agerpres.

“At the same time, we need to find solutions to increase production capacity, to make up for these losses, because this winter, whether we like it or not, we have to go through it that way. Elcen decided to look for and found additional modular capacities for lease, intends to set them in various areas, in the southern area, so that they can produce as much thermal energy as possible and make up for these losses. It is a huge effort to ensure thermal comfort, we apologize to the people of Bucharest for what happens, but we must prepare for winter. God is still helping us because it is hot, but we do not know how long it will last. At this moment we are preparing to install these modular capacities in various areas of Bucharest,” Popescu added.

He claimed that the project of a new power plant on the site of the former CET Titan must be started, in order to balance the Bucharest system.


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