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CISOLAR 2023: Illuminating the Future of Solar Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

30 August 2023
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CISOLAR, the 11th Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe, is pleased to announce its upcoming event scheduled for October 30-31, 2023, in Bucharest, Romania. With the recent changes in the European energy paradigm, CISOLAR 2023 aims to explore the tectonic shifts in the region’s energy landscape and the new business opportunities emerging in the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

IBES 2023, the 2nd Conference and Exhibition of Central and Eastern Europe on energy storage solutions, will be part of the CISOLAR 2023 work program.

With over 250 delegates expected to attend from more than 20 countries, CISOLAR 2023 presents a prime opportunity to network with industry leaders and engage in discussions on innovative topics that will contribute significantly to the European energy industry of tomorrow. More than 40 companies will take part in the CISOLAR 2023 Trade Show.

Romania has been chosen as the host country for CISOLAR 2023 due to its ambitious plans to develop nearly 6 GW of new solar power capacity over the next seven years. Furthermore, the Romanian solar energy market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 9% from 2023 to 2027. Similar rapid development of solar energy is anticipated in other countries within the CEE region.

“We are excited to bring together key stakeholders from Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Baltics, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the Balkans,” said the CISOLAR organizing committee. “This event serves as a crucial platform for fostering partnerships among EPC contractors, developers, utilities, investors, and technology providers, driving the acceleration of solar deployment in the region.”

CISOLAR 2023 will showcase the latest trends and technologies in the solar energy industry, with a special focus on emerging markets in Europe. The conference will feature expert speakers, panel discussions, and presentations, providing invaluable market insights and facilitating knowledge exchange among participants.

The accompanying trade show will offer a comprehensive display of the latest solar products, technologies, and services. Exhibitors from leading companies and organizations will present their innovative solutions, providing a unique platform for forging partnerships and business opportunities within the solar energy sector.

In addition to the conference and trade show, CISOLAR 2023 will host the prestigious CISOLAR Awards, recognizing and honoring the most groundbreaking and innovative projects, products, solutions, and startups in the solar energy industry.

The event also presents an opportunity for exhibitors to unlock the potential of European emerging markets by connecting with influential decision-makers and buyers, generating valuable leads, and closing lucrative deals. With a qualified audience from the rapidly growing European markets, participants can ignite business growth and stay at the forefront of Europe’s evolving solar and energy storage landscape.

CISOLAR 2023 invites professionals, executives, researchers, investors, and policymakers involved in the solar energy industry to seize the opportunity to inspire and be inspired through networking activities, gain market insights, and contribute to the sustainable change in the European energy sector.

For more information about CISOLAR 2023, exhibiting opportunities, and registration, please visit the official website at

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