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CEZ: The first floating solar system – an investment of 1.36 mln. euro

20 September 2023

TMK Hydroenergy Power, in partnership with Innovation Norway, has started the construction, on the Grebla calm lake, of the first floating photovoltaic energy system, which will generate more than 1 million KW/year and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of over 300 tons of CO2 annually.

The value of the investment is 1.36 million euros, TMK Hydroenergy Power benefiting from an Innovation Norway grant to cover part of the expenses.

“The works for ‘Grebla Lake – Floating Solar Power Plant’ have started. TMK Hydroenergy Power, together with Innovation Norway, supports the energy of the future, by implementing a unique project in Romania. (…) The project of the photovoltaic plant on the peaceful lake of Grebla brings the energy of the future closer, through the development of the first floating photovoltaic energy system of 1000 kW. Thus, we value the synergy between the sun, water and the electrical infrastructure of TMK Hydroenergy Power, part of the CEZ Group in Romania,” states a press release of CEZ Romania.

The project aims to dispose of the currently unused water body of the Grebla tranquility lake, with an area of approximately 30,000 square meters. The energy produced will partially cover the internal electricity consumption of TMK Hydroenergy Power.

Also, the production of energy with the help of the sun will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that will total over 332,622 tons of CO2 per year.

The total value of the project is 1.364 million euros, of which 131,950 euros represents the non-eligible value, and the total eligible value is 1.232 million euros, of which 737,500 euros represents the non-refundable eligible value.

So far, the photovoltaic panels have been delivered, together with the floats and their related equipment, and the preliminary stages for the start of the installation work of the photovoltaic panels have been carried out.

In the following weeks, the following will be carried out: the assembly of floats (floating systems), the installation of photovoltaic panels, the execution of connection works and the integration of the floating photovoltaic plant into the existing system.

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