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Casa Verde & ecoHORNET – private alternative to the Ministry of Environment’s program

29 August 2016

Company ecoHORNET, a Romanian manufacturer of equipment for heating with pellets, announces its own Casa Verde & ecoHORNET programme. Starting from 1 September 2016, the company cuts the selling price by an amount equal to or greater than the sums offered through the subsidy program Casa Verde 2016 managed by the ministry of Environment.

In a press release, ecoHORNET states that the company managed to significantly reduce its service and maintenance costs, by increasing the quality of the equipment it use. “EcoHORNET made some major investment, with European funds too, and acquired modern, efficient and high precision machines: fiber laser cutting machine, rolling machine, automatic welding robot etc”, states the company.

With its Casa Verde & ecoHORNET program, the company will sale its products at manufacturer, reduced prices. Casa Verde & EcoHORNET program has the support of PIAROM (Romanian Local Investors Employers), which will allow a reduction in sales prices by an amount equal to or greater than the subsidy in the 2016 Casa Verde program, to the following categories of customers:

  • individuals, Romanian citizens
  • house holders associations in Romania
  • private Romanian companies
  • public institutions
  • administrative units

The price reduction is given for many models of equipment including ecoHORNET pellet boilers (CTP), ecoHORNET pellet air heaters (GHP), ecoHORNET pellet injector type burners (AHP) .

The registrations can be made by e-mail at: president at or by mail with return receipt: SC Ecohornet SRL, str. Italy, no. 4 place. Chiajna, Ilfov, Romania, and answered within existing production capacities.

“ecoHORNET proposes to all county councils, town halls, administrative-territorial units, chambers of commerce, business associations, trade union federations concerned, to mobilize their available workforce, in particular specialized companies in the territory, which can provide work apparel, metalwork, assemblies and equipment to support this project and to answer as many orders as possible in each county”, states the press release sent by the company.

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