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Carmen Neagu, one of the great personalities of Romanian energy, passed away

21 September 2021
General Interest

Carmen Neagu, one of the strongest voices of the Romanian energy industry, passed away. Recently, Carmen Neagu was CEO of GSP Power, the new energy company launched by Grup Servicii Petroliere – GSP.

Trained as an energy professional, Carmen Neagu was one of the great friends and supporters of Energynomics, right beside us from the very beginning, since the first edition of the Energy Strategy Summit, in 2015.

Our sincere condolences and deepest thoughts to family and friends!

May God rest her soul in peace!

Starting as a trainee engineer at the Doicești thermal power plant (1982-1983), Carmen Neagu held various positions at ISPE, RENEL / CONEL, Termoelectrica and ELCEN. At maturity, she has been for seven years executive director for Romania and Moldova of GE Energy, then regional director of GE Energy, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Transelectrica and general manager of GSP Power.

The GSP team sent a message In memoriam of Mrs Carmen Neagu:

“A special personality, a unique and good man, a professional appreciated by all who knew her, will always be kept in our memory. Carmen has dedicated her professional maturity to teaching others everything that means to be truly an energy expert, with openness, method, patience and kindness.

Carmen Neagu has contributed to the strategic development of the Romanian energy system within the National Electricity, Termoelectrica and ELCEN Company and has held many top management positions in the fields related to strategy and international business in the Romanian energy sector.

We had the honour to have Carmen in the GSP team, as CEO of GSP Power. We will be eternally indebted to her for all that she has meant.”

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