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Calota, ANRE: Energy tariffs surge by about 8%, but not because of CPC

26 June 2017

Tough market conditions and a surge in international price will lead to an increase in bills by about 8 percent starting July, told the vicepresident of the regulatory body ANRE, Emil Calota. The surge will take place also due to the market component rise, CPC, but that will have a smaller ratio, Calota explained.

The main CPC tariff, which has a 90% share in the electricity cost calculation, was increased by 8.53% by the market regulator, ANRE, but its ratio in final consumer bills will be of no more than 1-2% starting July, analysts told The share of electricity in bills is of about 30%, the rest being transport and distribution in the network and other related costs, such as cogeneration and green certificates for renewable energy, analysts explained. More, ANRE decided to cut regulated segment tariffs by more than 5%, which will see a drop in the smaller 10% ratio of the ”core” enegy price. At the same time, European markets rose abruptly during the last period and this will also impact Romanian consumers, however, ANRE will further regulate the market for the final quarter of the year, which would ease the finacl bill price, Calota explained.

ANRE decided on Thursday to raise energy prices for the third quarter to offset players’ losses in the winter, when energy prices exploded across Europe, including Romania. ANRE decided on Thursday the “endorsement of competitive market component (CPC) tariffs, with changes asked by the last-term suppliers (FUI) applicable to third-party home and non-household customers who are beneficiaries of universal service in the third quarter.” The electricity provided at the CPC rate represents 90% of the household consumption and is purchased by the FUI exclusively from the competitive market, where the electricity price recorded an increase (on the stock exchange) by 24% in the last quarter. “Under these circumstances, although FUI proposed 25% increase of these tariffs, based on the analysis of market realities and trends, ANRE considered a national average increase of 8,53% CPC tariffs”, ANRE stated.

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