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Call for 590 mln. euro for the modernization of heating systems

13 January 2024

The Ministry of Energy will open, from February 1, from the Modernization Fund, a call for 590 million euro for the modernization of heating systems, with grants of up to 100% for Bucharest and other cities in the country that want to invest in old networks, a announced, on Thursday, on his Facebook page, the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja.

“A few days ago, we reported a major breakdown in the heating network in Bucharest, which left tens of thousands of Romanians without hot water and heat. I explained that the respective section, put into operation since 1981, could have been rehabilitated years ago with European funds, but the General City Hall did not get involved and lost almost all the money. It is unacceptable that tens of thousands of Bucharest residents remain, in freezing conditions, without heat and hot water. Today I also present the solution: we are launching through the Ministry of Energy, from the Modernization Fund, an appeal of 590 million euros for the modernization of heating systems. Grant up to 100%! Bucharest and other cities in the country will be able to invest in decades-old networks, which will reduce maintenance bills for hundreds of thousands of Romanians and ensure normal conditions in their homes. The call will open on February 1, at 12:00, in the MYSMIS platform,” said the official, according to Agerpres.

On the other hand, Burduja referred to the Tarnița-Lăpuşteşti project, for which the tender regarding the feasibility study was resumed “urgently”.

“(…) we urgently resumed the tender for the Tarnița-Lăpuşteşti project – the feasibility study stage. The SAPE company, from the portfolio of the Ministry of Energy, has since yesterday (Wednesday, January 10, 2024, n.r.) uploaded the necessary documentation to the SEAP platform. After completing the formalities at the ANAP level, the procedure will become public. All the clarification requests received from the bidders registered in the first procedure were reanalyzed in detail and the documentation was improved, in order to increase the chances of success. We also requested a transparent process , objective and based on dialogue with all bidders. The Tarnița-Lăpuşteşti pumped storage hydropower plant is a vital project for the Romanian energy system and we will take it forward, regardless of the challenges. Considering the initial market consultation and the profile of the companies registered at the first procedure, as well as working meetings with world-class players in this field, I remain fully confident that we will succeed”, the official emphasized.

The Minister of Energy emphasized, in the context of the recent discussions on gas imports, that under certain conditions it is cheaper for operators to import than to extract gas from deposits.

“A clarification for those who are curious. Why does Romania import gas if we have enough in storage? Because under certain conditions it is cheaper for operators to import than to extract gas from storage. It is part of the benefits of an integrated European market. If, by absurd , we could not technically import any gas molecule, we have enough internal resources to cover the consumption, even on a frosty day, as this period is”, explained Sebastian Burduja.

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