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Bucharest Airports – 14 mln. lei in energy efficiency projects

10 August 2023

Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) runs energy efficiency projects totaling over 14 million lei.

According to the cited source, the amounts will be amortized in just a few years, from the savings obtained. The new energy efficiency projects at CNAB will generate savings of 4300 MWh/year.

Thus, for Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport (AIHCB), the contract was signed for the replacement of the lighting lamps in the terminals, upon its completion resulting in an annual saving of 4,124 MWh, the value of the contract being about 246,000 euros (about 1.218 million lei).

Also for this airport, DALI (documentation for the approval of intervention works) was received for the modernization of the exterior lighting (retrofit with LED). Thus, upon completion of this project, worth 5.5 million lei, the annual economy will rise to over 142 MWh.

“Also at the Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, works are underway to modernize and rehabilitate the exterior lighting (public area and technical area); upon completion of these works, the annual savings will be 40.86 MWh. The value of the works amounts to 7.5 million lei,” the press release states.

According to CNAB, these projects amount to over 14 million lei, sums that will be amortized in just a few years from the savings obtained.

“However, the most important investment in the area of energy efficiency is the installation of photovoltaic panels and their connection to the AIHCB Power Plant. The photovoltaic system will be sized to ensure the electricity needs of AIHCB (34,000 – 43,000 MWh/year). Currently , the procedure for the acquisition of the feasibility study, valued at 130,000 euros, is underway,” the press release also says.

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