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Bosch expands its energy efficiency and green energy production projects in Blaj

31 January 2022

Bosch plant in Blaj reduces its energy consumption generated by its operations by approximately 10 percent. In 2021, the Blaj location was taking the first step towards producing its own green energy by installing photovoltaic panels, thus paving the way for a more sustainable production activity. In addition, the company is encouraging the transition to electromobility by installing, at the end of 2021, two charging stations for electric vehicles for factory employees in Blaj.

“All the projects launched last year are the beginning of a long-term investment that the company is allocating both to protect the environment and to make it a safer and healthier place for future generations,” said Andreas Theis, director of the Bosch Factory in Blaj.

The photovoltaic panels located in Blaj in April 2021 generate green energy equivalent to the electricity consumption of 50 households. In addition, since December, the company has installed additional panels on the factory’s office building, which is currently powered only by the renewable energy it produces.

“Since the implementation of its first green energy production projects, Bosch has invested over 200,000 euros in Blaj,” added Theis.

Moreover, the surplus energy is directed to the nearby production hall. Currently, at the plant, 385 MWh/year are produced exclusively from renewable sources – with emissions equivalent of 165 tons of CO2, if the energy would have been produced by burning fossil fuels, and the company intends to produce in Blaj, this year, another 3,200 MWh/year.

The Bosch plant in Blaj is also taking a step towards a greener future by installing two high-capacity charging stations for electric vehicles, suitable for cars, scooters and bicycles, powered exclusively by green energy. Thus, the company encourages its employees to actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, offering them the benefit of being able to use the stations in the perimeter free of charge during the working day.

The Bosch Group has been present in Romania for 27 years and has over 8,160 employees in five entities. In 2020, Bosch recorded sales of 448 million euro in the Romanian market.

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