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Barna Tanczos: Evaluation of financing files submitted in the Energy Efficient House Program, at a standstill

26 March 2021
General Interest

The evaluation of the financing files submitted in the Energy Efficient House Program is at a standstill due to the lack of human resources to carry out these procedures, said the Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Barna Tanczos.

“Casa Eficientă Energetic, a program that has had ups and downs and in which 2,200 files have been submitted. The evaluation of the submitted files is at a standstill. We must provide the necessary human resources to evaluate the files and sign financing contracts. We should take a decision because, at the moment, the institutional capacity has not allowed the AFM (Environmental Fund Administration, no.) to run this program faster. At the same time, we are expanding the public building component of the Energy Efficient House program, to provide additional funding for public institutions. The budget allocated for 2021, for public institutions, will be of 1.4 billion lei. Public institutions can apply to streamline these constructions and reduce carbon emissions for offices, schools, hospitals, social housing, etc. In the component of single-family housing, the maximum amount that can be granted is 15,000 euro,” the official said, quoted by Agerpres.

On the other hand, Barna Tanczos mentioned that a new session of the “Green House for PVs” program will be launched in 2021.

“The Green House program has been unblocked for project evaluation. We are in the contracting and payment phase. We have operationalized the program in the last two months and we will make sure that all the arrears from the previous session are completed, so that we can pay everything we contracted and also sing in what was approved. From the unconsumed budget and in an improved form of the Financing Guide, we will launch a new session during 2021,” the minister added.

In early February this year, the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP) announced in a press release that AFM will begin reimbursing eligible expenditures from the Green House for PVs Program.

Thus, according to an Order, it is provided an extension of the term in which the project must be implemented by four months, from 8 to 12 months. Also, it is considered to regulate the transfer of individuals between validated installers, based on the expressed option of the beneficiaries and to allow the installation of systems with higher power than requested by the funding application and approved by AFM.

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