Badea, Hidroelectrica: We look with great interest at what is happening with offshore legislation; we want to invest in wind energy


Hidroelectrica looks with great interest at what is happening with offshore legislation, which is an area of great interest to the company, and, once the legislative framework is in place, intends to invest in wind energy in the Black Sea, said Hidroelectrica’s CEO Bogdan Badea.

“For many who accused us of making too much profit, I said that Hidroelectrica’s profit is high if we think about small things. If we compare ourselves with big companies in the energy sector, if we want to do big things with this company, then it is no longer that big. And we took the first step with the takeover of the Crucea wind farm, which means an additional capacity of 108 MW of a new technology for Hidroelectrica, basically ensuring a transition from energy production sources based exclusively on hydro sources to other renewable sources, and we will remain a green company. We do not intend to stop here. We intend to go with the development process in parallel with new projects, with projects on other technologies such as solar technology. And we look with great interest what is happening with the offshore legislation, because this is also an area of great interest for Hidroelectrica and, once the legislative framework is completed, we will certainly be part of what will mean the investment process in offshore wind energy in Romania, because the Black Sea has an extraordinary potential. Hidroelectrica is ready to invest in this area,” Badea said, quoted by Agerpres.

He reiterated that the listing of Hidroelectrica on the stock exchange is not a new objective, it was a priority and the company prepared intensively in this regard, on the one hand by ensuring internal training within the company, on the other hand by selecting specialized consultants to offer the better solutions in the listing process.

“From my point of view, it is the most transparent way to move from a closed company, such as Hidroelectrica, to a public company, where every citizen can buy shares and place their savings. But that comes in a box with requirements regarding the company’s performance, we are ready to take this step. At the same time, it represents an additional method of capitalization and implementation of the company’s development plan,” also said Bogdan Badea.

Also, he stressed that Hidroelectrica is a bankable company, with enormous investment potential, but it needs predictability and a free market in which a longer-term business plan and a revenue forecast can be drawn up to make these investments sustainable.


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