Consiliul Concurenței

Consiliul Concurenței


Public Authority

Key People

Bogdan Chirițoiu - President
Valentin Mircea - Vicepresident


As national competition authority, the institution enforces and ensures the application of the national and Community rules on competition.
At the same time, the Competition Council has the role of national contact authority on State aid between the European Commission, on one hand, and the pubic institutions State aid suppliers and beneficiaries, on the other hand.
The Competition Council has also the role of representing Romania in the relation with the international institutions on competition; moreover, it is responsible for managing the relation with the institutions of the European Union, according to the relevant provisions of the European legislation, and it cooperates with other competition authorities.
The activity of the Competition Council is fulfilling two main functions: a preventive one, involving the surveillance of the markets and of the respective market players and a corrective one, aiming at re-establishing and developing a normal competitive environment.


1 Piața Presei Libere, D1 building, District 1, Bucharest