CNR - CME's main activity is promoting sustainable energy in Romania and efficient use of energy resources of all types, by collecting, processing and publication of useful information on energy policies at global and European level in these areas: resources of energy and environmental protection, production, transport, conversion and use of energy, as well as energy efficiency in all economic activities.

Key People

Iulian Iancu - President
Gheorghe Bălan – General Manager
Elena Ratcu – Manager for VLER Programme


Romanian National Committee of World Energy Council (WEC) is a non-governmental organization, member of the World Energy Council. Founding member of the CME since 1924, WEC is a strategic partner in developing sustainable energy supply and use of all forms of renewable energy.
RNC-WEC delivers useful, diverse and timely information about all forms of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and renewables, efficiently communicates with all its members, enabling them to be aware of energy policies at national and international level, represents the interests of its members at meetings organized by the World Energy Council (World Energy Congress, Executive meetings, forums, seminars, etc.) and contributes to decision making process in global energy, with representatives in all study groups of the World Energy Council.
RNC members are leading companies, organizations, institutions in Romania, interested in energy decision making process at national and international level: producers, suppliers and distributors of energy of all types, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services for the energy sector; national reglementation agencies in energy, professional associations and non-profit companies, policy makers, universitar institutes for research and development, energy users, energy professionals.


1-3 Lacul Tei Blvd, 020371, Bucharest 2, Romania
+4.0372.82.14.75; +4.0372.82.14.76