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ELBI Group announces a turnover of almost 555 mln. lei in 2023

15 May 2024
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The ELBI Group, specialized in the distribution of products and services for the electrical field, announces a turnover of almost 555 million lei in 2023 (111.5 million euro). The results are up 19% compared to 2022, when the group ended the year with a turnover of over 467 million lei. Regarding the profit reported last year, the values exceed 20 million lei.

The projections of the group, which includes the companies ELBI Electric & Lighting and ELBI Energy Projects, indicate an increase in business in 2024, estimating to approach the value of 600 million lei (120 million euros), and to expand its business on all sales channels, a process that also involves the opening of new ELBI Universul Electricelor business units. With over 11,000 customers and a dedicated team of over 260 employees, ELBI Group is determined to remain a leader in the industry and help build a more energy efficient future.

ELBI group representatives stated that the results and solid financial performance are largely due to investments in a modern logistics platform, located in the P3 Bucharest A1 logistics park. The area of more than 15,000 square meters allowed the efficiency of logistics and IT flows and the optimization of operations, contributing to the increase of storage and distribution capacity. In addition, the implementation of a new company development strategy led to the expansion of the sales network through the ELBI Universul Electricelor concept. Following this process, the company made the transition from a traditional business model, oriented towards classic distribution and sales, to that of a provider of personalized services and solutions. With 15 territorial business units in the country and 5 regional warehouses, the ELBI group offers customers quick access to all innovative products and solutions in the portfolio.

“In a highly competitive market and in a complex economic context, the joint efforts of the entire ELBI team were fundamental to achieving the strategic objectives and achieving the impressive financial performance of the past year. We continue to invest in efficient and dynamic logistics to ensure that we deliver our products efficiently and on time to our customers. We plan to expand both horizontally and vertically, through the sales channels we serve, but also through the inauguration of new business units under the umbrella of ELBI Universul Electricelor. As for our projects division, we closely monitor the evolution of technology and how we can integrate it into our activities. We aim to apply the «smart city» concept in our cities, interconnecting all services to improve the quality of life. In addition, we are already investing in assembly and production capacities for the volume products we sell,” said Cristinel Sandu, Founder & President of ELBI Group.

In terms of product portfolio development, the company is aware of the new trends in the market, which leads it to constantly innovate and focus on products with LED & IoT (Smart) technologies. In the segment of street lighting projects, there is an increase in interest in energy efficiency, and the Romanian market is in a process of continuous evolution. Customers are increasingly looking for premium products, connected and controlled by telemanagement systems, being interested in detailed control of the lighting system. Regarding its projects division, the ELBI Group recognizes the importance of the financing programs offered by the European Union in the field in which it operates. These programs represent an essential source for the modernization of lighting networks and for energy efficiency at the municipal level. Without this funding, progress in these areas would be difficult to achieve.

While the need for innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of energy and lighting will continue to grow, a team of professionals has been developed within the company that has succeeded in winning significant tenders in the field of energy efficiency. These tenders are financed by both European funds and the Environment Fund Administration (AFM). These initiatives were a key pillar of financial growth in 2023 and contributed significantly to ELBI Group’s financial performance. At the same time, other key factors that contributed to these results include the expansion and diversification of the product portfolio and strategic partnerships with internationally renowned manufacturers, but also the effective management of projects in a context marked by the increase in material and labor costs.

ompany is considering in the next period is to develop the commercial teams, with the aim of offering customers a personalized and reliable experience. Moreover, the company is to invest in emerging technologies to support the development of smart and sustainable solutions. At the same time, the Elbi Group is actively involved in programs for the collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

ELBI has strengthened its position on the market by developing a wide variety of own brands, which respond to new requirements and trends in the industry, covering a wide range of prices, from economical products to professional solutions. Own brands include Solentis, Novelite, Erste, Inlet, Total Green, Pulsar and HomeLight. In addition, the company has established strategic distribution partnerships with major international manufacturers such as Schreder, Gewiss, Signify, Eaton, ABB, Prysmian, RCB, Noark, Schneider and others, thus completing its portfolio and ensuring access to a wide range of high quality products and technologies.



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