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ANRE approved additional investments for Transelectrica amounting to 140 mln. lei

23 December 2021

The National Energy Regulatory Authority has approved additional investments for Transelectrica for 2022 amounting to approximately 140 million lei, the authority announced.

“The ANRE Regulatory Committee approved in the meeting of 22.12.2021 the method of allocating the expenses provided in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 2019/943 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019 on the internal energy market. The allocation shall be made on the basis of the obligations laid down in Article 19 (5) of the Regulation, and the transmission system operator shall clearly establish in advance how the revenue from the allocation of cross-border interconnection capacity will be used and will submit to the regulatory authority the proposal to use these revenues for the following year,” the authority’s statement reads.

The amount of 140 million lei will be used in full for the realization of investment projects, which aim to increase the capacity of cross-border transfer and evacuation of electricity produced in renewable production capacities, of which: switching to 400 kV voltage of the axis Iron Gates – Resita – Timisoara – Sacalaz; OHL 400 kV double circuit Gutinaş-Smârdan; Cernavoda-Stâlpu 400 kV OHL and connection to Gura Ialomiţei substation (including Cernavoda 400kV substation extension for new line connection, Gura-Ialomiţei 400kV substation extension with two cells: 400 KV Cernavoda 3 OHL and 400 KV Stâlpu OHL, new 400kV Stâlpu substation and modernizing 110kV cells and medium voltage and 400kV OHL Gădălin-Suceava, including interconnection with SEN.

The works can be found in the investment plan of CNTEE Transelectrica S.A. for 2022, and the amounts in question are added to the investment plan, which will increase to the value of almost 700 million lei, the present funds being an additional non-reimbursable source, which contributes to the completion of this plan, ANRE stresses.

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